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Here is a list of available tools:


But want to draw out personal experiences of SO members.

Current tool is FireEye but we are looking for other tools.

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I'm a big fan of PICT - but probably because it's our (Microsoft's) primary combinatorial testing tool.

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I've used PICT, jenny and allpairs, and PICT is my favorite. – Patrick Cuff Aug 28 '09 at 16:20
You can download PICT and other testing tools from Microsoft at: msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/testing/bb980925.aspx – Chris Smith Aug 29 '09 at 15:41

As the creator of Hexawise, I'm admittedly biased, but I believe there is a strong case to be made for the Hexawise test case design tool. Please check it out and decide for yourself. We have both a free version and a commercial version available at https://app.hexawise.com/signup-1-5

A 7-minute video of how Hexawise works is here:

alt text

Advantages of Hexawise (which is a software as a service):

  1. Updated / Improved More than Once Each Week (If Hexawise is not the best tool in the world yet for your needs, it may be just a matter a time - particularly if you provide feedback about any features you'd like to see added to it)

  2. Free to All But Large Teams Fully-featured Hexawise licenses are made available to teams of 5 or fewer people (and free to universities, non-profits, and open source organizations)

  3. Easy to Use (see, for example, the three main screens, below)

  4. Dramatically Faster than Most Test Case Generating Tools at Solving Large, Complex Optimization Problems (e.g., for 6-way solutions with dozens of parameters, the difference in calculation times can literally be days vs. minutes; admittedly, for most 2-way / pairwise calculations, this will not be an issue)

  5. Collaborative (e.g., team members can insert notes in shared test plans such as "check with Joe to confirm whether or not to include an earlier version of Safari as a supported browser type")

  6. Powerful: Hexawise has not only 2-way (or pairwise) testing solutions, which is standard to all such tools, but also more thorough 3-way, and 4-way testing solutions.

  7. Flexible: mixed strength coverage (e.g,. if there are 10 parameters and you want to test 3 of them more thoroughly, you can set 2-way coverage for 7 of the parameters and 3-way coverage for three of the parameters, for example)

  8. Insightful - with Good Charts: Hexawise generates a coverage chart that clearly shows, of the total possible number of pairs (or triples, or quadruples) in the SUT, how many of them have been covered at any point in time in the test plan. These coverage charts can be very helpful in determining "How much testing is enough?"

  9. Clearly Documented: Help files and FAQ files, along with the many sample test plans that are included in the tool (e.g., sample tests for Google Maps, Expedia, an online insurance ratings engine, etc.), make it easy for new users to get started.

  10. Effective at Handling Constraints / Invalid Pairs: To remove invalid pairs, on the "Define Inputs" page, simply "click twice." More specifically, hover over the first value of the pair you'd like to indicate can never be tested in the same test case together --> click on when the invalid pair symbol when it appears --> go to the second value --> do the same thing. This will prevent impossible combinations from appearing (e.g., when testing a mortgage application process, if a user has a very low income and the mortgage application process would prevent him from even trying to apply for a Jumbo Loan, clicking on the "Income = low" box and "Mortgage type applied for = Jumbo" box would prevent test cases from being created that would be impossible for a tester to even test for.

  11. Many Cool Little Features: We actively seek user feedback and are constantly reacting to it in order to make our tool better and easier to use in subtle but significant ways. Examples include:

Ranges of data from inputs (e.g., 1-10) - these used to appear in the solutions/test cases as 1-10 and get exported into Excel as 1-10 which caused problems because "Jan-10" would appear. We now will populate the solutions/test cases with a "1" then a "10" to test for the boundary values then a number in between the two.

Nuanced weightings - If there are four options for users of an application to choose from, it is unlikely that all four will be equally important. Hexawise will, where it is possible to do so without increasing the number of required test cases that will need to be executed in a given test plan, automatically provide relatively higher weights to the values that are listed first. This would mean that if "Big" "Medium" and "Small" were listed in that order on the inputs page, "Big" will tend to be tested in more test cases than either M or S and M would be tested in more test cases than S.

Easy to reuse parameter values - If you have a standard list of values that you will use in multiple plans (think Browser types or Counties in your state, etc.), as soon as you type the letters "B" "r" and "o" a drop down menu will appear of the browser types you've previously chosen to test. This saves time in inputting values and can help add consistency.

Easy to reuse plans - Since it is a software as a service, all your previously crated plans will be saved within Hexawise and will be there whenever you want to access them again..

Exporting to HP Quality Center format, Excel, CSV, and even mind mapping formats.

We're always seeking new input from users, so if Hexawise is lacking a feature you'd like to see (or you could improve an existing feature), please let us know.

Three easy-to-use screens

Inputs page

alt text

Output page / "Create Tests"

alt text

Coverage page / "Analyze Coverage"

alt text


Free registration: https://app.hexawise.com/signup-1-5

Additional info about pairwise and combinatorial test case generating methods: http://bit.ly/bundles/hexawise/1

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Excellent tool. thank you – Somu Sep 28 '14 at 19:49

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