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I'm developing an app for Windows Phone 7.1(7.5) - 8 (Must work for both) , in which database connectivity is required. This Application is already realized for Iphone and Android, so I have to use there Database file to the database structure was the same for all applications. Sqlite is used as the database . All Sqlite Clients for Windows Phone are out of date and not supported any more.

Official client is only for windows phone 8 and is not working with windows phone 7.1

Will be really helpfull if someone can give me any suggestions what i can do with this situation.

  • develop only for Windows Phone 8 and use official Sqlite Client
  • use old libriaries for sqlite and try to work with them on windows phone 8
  • use SQL CE as the database

(PS. : The situation is further complicated by the fact that Windows RT is not support SQL CE and only Sqlite and it makes me crazy.)

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I've been using for wp7 – Derek Beattie Nov 21 '12 at 16:28
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I have used sqlite in my app for windows phone 7 as described in the dotnetslackers link and its working fine in WP 8 ( I tested in WP8 emulator).

I don't see any point for saying "All Sqlite Clients for Windows Phone are out of date and not supported any more". Did you try yourself ?

Also this link says "SQLite is now supported on Windows RT, Windows 8 Metro Apps and will be supported on Windows Phone 8 for local application storage."

And here is one more link, which I didn't test.

I suggest you to try the dotnetslackers link and post here if you face any problem. Good luck !!

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I see the last edit date. All yours examples are using which has last edit date is Last edited Nov 30, 2010. Thank you for the answer I'll try this libriary! – Vovich Nov 21 '12 at 7:32

Note that SQL Server Compact 4.0 does not have a release for Windows Mobile, Windows Phone or for Windows CE devices.

You can use SQL Server Compact 3.5 on WP 7.5, but I'm not sure if this version works on WP8.

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SQL Server Compact 3.5 also works on WP8 and WP8.1 without any issues. No need to change any code actually. – Stephan Sep 24 '14 at 8:10

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