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Is there any way to send a parameter to /oembed so that the artwork will not be shown in the received embed code?

I am thinking about rewriting the src attribute of the iframe in the response html value, but I'd rather not resort to such a hack.

Also, is it safe to assume that the iframe src contains /track/ if (and only if) it's a track?

What I want to achieve is a player that displays artwork for all content types except track, where I want to hide it. My solution would be to look at the received src attribute and set show_artwork=false on it if it's a track.

Does this seem like a very bad idea? :)

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I need this too. A while ago, it had worked while I included show_artwork=false in my oembed request.



However, Soundcloud seems to have made some changes to their oembed api, and now even when I specify that, the returned code has show_artwork=true specified regardless.

I think we might have to make a feature request to Soundcloud about this.

Sure, we can edit the received results, and it will work, but that definitely not a satisfactory solution.

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Yes, show_artwork is a missing oembed parameter: http://developers.soundcloud.com/docs/api/reference#oembed

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