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I checked previous questions here on SO but I think I want my functionality to work a little different. I understand that .tif files are not natively supported in Internet Explorer and that an extension, such as AlternaTIFF, are available to remedy this. However, I would like the dialog to show up where the user can either save/open the file on the client side. I know that MS Windows Picture and Fax Viewer can open them, no problems.

The files are located on our servers and this will be an intranet site. Currently, I have a link to the files populate in the view but again, I'd like that option for the user to Save/Open the file.

I'm using MVC, which I'm a little unfamiliar with, and can't seem to figure this one out. Thank you.

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I believe… should work for you. – TNCodeMonkey Nov 20 '12 at 14:39

You can do an action that returns a tiff by changing the headers so when someone clicks the link the file will get downloaded or using FileResult.

Example with FileResult (i find it easier):

For saving them is just like uploading any file with MVC. This post can be useful

My advice is that you convert them to .jpg or .png when uploaded using GDI+.

//You first upload the tiff to the server like the post above explains
//And then open and convert it to .JPEG
Bitmap bm = Bitmap.FromFile("mypic.tiff");

And if you already have the urls of all the tiffs, you can always do a console app to convert all of them. Even if you need to use tiffs its a good idea to have .jpg versions to show on the web. You can even resize them to create previews and save some bandwith too! :-)

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