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I am testing my ExtJs App with Jasmine. So there are no views involved.

I want to expand several nodes, but first my root node. But even expanding that node fails.

I create my TreeStore, then:


// oStore is my treestore, everything OK
// Here, I also tried calling oStore.load(); see below

var oNode = oStore.getNodeById( 'root' );

// oNode.isExpanded() says false
// oNode.hasChildNodes() says false

oNode.expand(false, function(oChildren) {
    // it never gets here
    console.log( "hello?");

My listener for load gets called, but the listener for beforeexpand does not get called.

If I call oStore.load() at the beginning after store creation, then when the on load listener gets called it says, oNode.childNodes.length has 3 children...

  1. So why is expand()'s callback not called? How can I get that node to expand?

  2. Why are the children of the node already loaded when calling oStore.load()? After that expand() is also not fired.


Starting my root node with expanded: true makes my store collapse correctly on collapse(), but after it expand() does nothing.

oNode.collapse(false, function() {
   console.log( "collapse()" ); // works, but expand() afterwards does not
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Can anyone help me please... – Shlomo Goldstein Nov 20 '12 at 15:27
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Found the solution. I need to wait for the store to get loaded. Is is a Jasmine issue:

runs( function() {
         oStore.on( 'load', function() {
            bStoreLoaded = true;

waitsFor( function() {
         return bStoreLoaded; 
      }, " store to be loaded", 5000 );

runs( function() {
         oNode.expand(false, function( aoChildren ) {
            aoChildrenRoot = aoChildren;
            bRootExpanded = true;
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There is some convoluted logic in the source to tell the node whether or not it needs to expand or be expandable. Take a look at the code below that I ended up resorting to when I tried to manipulate the tree programmatically:

if (!parentNode.isExpanded() && !parentNode.isLeaf()) {
    parentNode.expand(false, function () {// deal with open or closed paths
        console.log('expanded parent to pick up new item');                 
} else {
    if (parentNode.isLeaf()) {         // Parts that are leafs
        parentNode.set("leaf", false);  //must be set to work properly
        parentNode.expand(); //expand to show newly created child
    } else {
        parentNode.insertChild(0, newPart);
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