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I'm using an example of FOSUserBundle with FOSFacebookBundle. Hereon i have build my application.

The relevant Project Structure is like following:





Part of the FacebookProvider:

use \BaseFacebook;
use \FacebookApiException;

class FacebookProvider implements UserProviderInterface

protected $facebook;

public function __construct(BaseFacebook $facebook, $userManager, $validator)
    $this->facebook = $facebook;

public function loadUserByUsername($username)
    try {
        $fbdata = $this->facebook->api('/me');


As you can see there is the Facebook-Object already available. What i want to do now is nearly the same, but in my DefaultController:

use \BaseFacebook;
use \FacebookApiException;

class DefaultController extends BaseController
   public function indexAction(){
      $facebook = new Facebook('key', 'secret');
      $fbfriends_obj = $facebook->api('/'.$fbid.'/friends');

But there i get the message

Fatal error: Class 'ABC\MainBundle\Controller\Facebook' not found in C:\xampp\htdocs\...\src\ABC\MainBundle\Controller\DefaultController.php on line x

Why is that? How can i access the facebook-class from inside my defaultcontroller? If its already possible for the facebookprovider, why it aint possible for my controller?

any hints will be really appreciated!

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The solution to that problem is, that the facebook-class has no namespace and you have to do something like

$facebook = new \Facebook(...)
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Problem is here:

use \BaseFacebook;
use \FacebookApiException;

You are importing BaseFacebook class from namespace you should use \Facebook (in Controller and FacebookProvider classes)

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