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I have created a custom key bindings scheme as follows

<extension point="org.eclipse.ui.bindings">
        name="My new scheme"/>
some new key bindings defined here

Then I have written a class which implements the "IStartup" and in the earlyStartup() method, the code is like this


With this, my new key bindings working good, when I switch to the "My new scheme". But when I change back and forth between My new scheme/default/any scheme, all key bindings seems to be lost.

I'm using Helios 3.6.1 on Linux. I'm experiencing the same as explained in the Eclipse Bug

Can some one help me on this? Thanks in advance!

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That bug you've linked isn't fixed in 3.6.1. So you are asking for a workaround? – Kai Nov 20 '12 at 13:28
I think it is not fixed. I have searched in Eclipse Bugs for the version 3.6.1, but I did not find it. The workaround which I know is restoring defaults. Any other work workaround, so that I need not to restore defaults every time? Also is my code correct? – grb Nov 21 '12 at 4:40

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