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Question: How do I refer to my layout files form the changeLayout.json and layout.json files if the layout-template files are held in a theme ear/ear?

Background: I'm developing a custom theme with custom layouts in Portal v8. I'm using the ear method for the theme deployment,s o I've got everything segregated into MyThemeDynamic.war and MyThemeStatic.war I've added my layout files to MyThemeStatic.war/themes/MyTheme/layout-templates

When I set the default layout template in the XMLAccess import, I can successfully see my custom layout. But If I try to change the layout, it reverts back to the Portal 8.0 theme defaults. I've tried several ways of referring to my layout files from layout.json.

I saw this: but it prevents the default theme from working properly, and I want to keep both the default and this new custom theme.

I've also tried adding references to the xml access, as suggested here:

I feel like I'm close, but I'm missing something.

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I combined static and dynamic theme assets into a single war file following these instructions:

That was ultimately what worked.

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