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I'd like to write a program that counts the amount of specific symbols in string using scasb and masm32, I found the example, but I couldn't figure out why i'm getting errors. Here's the part of code:

str  db '. . .'




  mov  ax,@data
  mov  ds,ax
  mov  es,ax
  lea  di,str
  mov  cx, len_str  
  mov  al,' '
  mov  bx,0 

repe scasb
  jcxz exit 
  inc  bx
  jmp  cycl



A2008 syntax error db, str

A2006 syntax error len_str

A2148 invalid symbol type in expression: exit

A2004: symbol type conflict

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Strings are most likely represented in "double quotes" –  Aki Suihkonen Nov 20 '12 at 21:26

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str is an instruction, it is the mnemonic for Store Task Register. You cannot use it as a label name as you are trying to do. Name it something else and that should take care of your errors

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Thanks, it helped –  Vanguard Nov 26 '12 at 11:09

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