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Possible Duplicate:
Limit floating point precision?

In C language, I need to format a number to 2 digits after the decimal point from user input

For example:

 float x ; 
 printf("Enter number");

Let's suppose the user enters 4.54234635

I need to print and process in the whole program: 4.54

Thanks advance

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And i think that will solve a problem

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The complete list

Integer   display
%d      print as decimal integer
%6d     print as decimal integer, at least 6 characters wide
%f      print as floating point
%6f     print as floating point, at least 6 characters wide
%.2f    print as floating point, 2 characters after decimal point

With the required modification (scanf("%.2f",&x); in the last entry) will solve your problem

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are you sure that the last one (%6.2f) works? – orustammanapov Oct 5 '14 at 11:51
@orustammanapov i have currently removed it., – Shash Oct 6 '14 at 12:33



printf("%.2f", number);

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