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This is regarding query in Oracle.

I have one master table, which stores id, name and description of the project along with the code(s). The table I used, has more than 4 codes to describe health, status, and etc. The codes and their descriptions are in the same table , say generic table.

When I do select query on the main table, I have to use subqueries to get the descriptions of the code from the generic table. The query gets larger as I have to do Subquery for each and every codes.

Is there any other way to get the output?

Master Table:
Id: 100


Health: H1

Status: S1

code3: c1



Generic Table:
Code Description

H1   red

H2   green

..   ......

S1  Critical

..  ........

..  ........

c1  ........

For the id 100, I used the query,

         (SELECT Description FROM generic WHERE id = P.Health) Health,
         (SELECT Description FROM generic WHERE id = P.status) Code2,
         (SELECT Description FROM generic WHERE id = P.Code3) Code3,
    FROM master P
    WHERE ID in (100);
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you can use JOIN instead of SUBQUERY

        a.Description AS Health,
        b.Description AS Code2,
        c.Description AS Code3
FROM    master P
        INNER JOIN generic a
            ON a.id = P.Health
        LEFT JOIN generic b
            ON b.id = P.status
        LEFT JOIN generic c
            ON c.id = P.HCode3
WHERE p.id = 100
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An in-line sub-query isn't the same as an INNER JOIN. It's equivalent to a LEFT OUTER JOIN... – Ben Nov 20 '12 at 13:58

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