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I have this issue where a virtual knockout template will not bind properly when hosted remotely, but works perfectly fine locally.

This is the page in question: http://www.brandonmartinez.com/presentations/20121109-AdvancedKnockoutJs/index.html#8

Here's my template:

    <!-- ko template: {name: 'product-template', foreach: Computers} --><!-- /ko -->
    <!-- ko template: {name: 'product-template', foreach: Phones} --><!-- /ko -->

And the basis of the javascript:

function Slide005And006ViewModel() {
    var vm = this;

    function ProductViewModel(productName, description) {
        var pvm = this;

            pvm.ProductName = ko.observable(productName);
            pvm.Description = ko.observable(description);

    vm.Computers = ko.observableArray([new ProductViewModel('iMac', 'All-in-One Computer'), new ProductViewModel('Latitude', 'Dell Laptop'), new ProductViewModel('Surface', 'Microsoft Tablet')]);
    vm.Phones = ko.observableArray([new ProductViewModel('iPhone', 'Awesome'), new ProductViewModel('Lumia', 'Not Bad'), new ProductViewModel('Anything Android', 'Crap')]);

ko.applyBindings(new Slide005And006ViewModel(), document.getElementById('slide006'));

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Full source available here: http://www.brandonmartinez.com/presentations/20121109-AdvancedKnockoutJs/source.zip

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The actual ko template comment <!-- ko template: {name: 'product-template', foreach: Computers} --><!-- /ko --> was stripped out from your deployed html, you can check it with view source. I guess your web server or deployment process strips out the comments because also the Google HTML5 slide template part is missing from the top... –  nemesv Nov 20 '12 at 14:18
You sir, are correct. My host is stripping stuff. Thank you! –  Brandon Martinez Nov 20 '12 at 15:10

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My host was stripping out comments, which KO uses for the templates. Thanks to @nemesv for catching that!

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