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I'm just learning how to use .net and mvc4 and I have a problem. I have no idea how to show only the first 5(or any number) rows in a table. This is how I'm currently sending my information to the view.

public ActionResult ActiveCampaigns()
    var campaigns = db.ActiveCampaigns.ToList();
    return View(campaigns);

Thanks :)

Update: Thanks for the quick responses! So simple!


I searched high and low and couldn't find this, my google-fu must be off. Thanks again!

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db.ActiveCampaigns.Take(5).ToList() – L.B Nov 20 '12 at 14:04
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The basic approach would be

 var campaigns = db.ActiveCampaigns.Take(5).ToList();

But depending on what type of Context db is, this might fail. Skip() and Take() are not always available or allowed on all IEnumrable-derived interfaces. In that case read the error. Usually you can fix it in two ways:

 var campaigns = db.ActiveCampaigns.ToList().Take(5);  // expensive with many Campaigns

or, when you have a convenient sort-criterium:

 var campaigns = db.ActiveCampaigns.OrderByDescending(c => c.Date).Take(5).ToList();
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What would be the more advanced approach? If you don't mind me asking? This worked perfectly, thankyou :) – Gary Kenyon Nov 20 '12 at 14:08
Already edited with variations. Will you be needing Skip (Paging) as well or always just the first few ? – Henk Holterman Nov 20 '12 at 14:10
I was going to just take the 5 latest rows. It seems like your latter variation should do that perfectly? – Gary Kenyon Nov 20 '12 at 14:11


public ActionResult ActiveCampaigns()
    var campaigns = db.ActiveCampaigns.Take(5).ToList();
    return View(campaigns);
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I assume you're interested in paging, in which case, you'd need to use the Skip() method, also:

var campaigns = db.ActiveCampaigns.Skip(5).Take(5).ToList();

would get you page 2. Obviously, you're going to want to use a formula to handle which page to display:

var campaigns = db.ActiveCampaigns.Skip((page-1) * 5).Take(5).ToList();
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