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Is it possible to pass inside the options of the "save" method - a diffrent url/path for the request ?

The default urlRot for the model is --> urlRoot: "/users"

is it possible to do something like that:{
           'userName': $('#userName').val(),
           'password': $('#password').val()},{

            url: "/users/login",

            success: function(model, response, options) {


So the request, this time, will be sent to "/users/login" and NOT to "/users" ?

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From the documentation:


Returns the relative URL where the model's resource would be located on the server. If your models are located somewhere else, override this method with the correct logic. Generates URLs of the form: "/[collection.url]/[id]", falling back to "/[urlRoot]/id" if the model is not part of a collection.

So it looks as if you can provide your own url function on a model.


var MyModel = Backbone.Model.extend({
    use_custom_url: false,
    url: function() {
        if (use_custom_url) {
            return "/users/login";
        } else {
            return Backbone.Model.prototype.url.apply(this);
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