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i have got a Problem with Javascript and it´s Communication to an applet. In every Browser Javascript does find the applet and i can call it´s methods, but in IE9 it does not find the object/applet. heres the code

<div class="speichern" align="center">
  <object type="application/x-java-applet" width="10" height="10" id="jsap" name="jsap">
    <param name="archive" value="ABD_Downloadmanager.jar,ojdbc6.jar"> </param>
    <param name="code" value="Speichern_Applet.class"> </param>
    <param name="mayscript" value="yes">
    <param name="scriptable" value="true">

and the Javascript call :

var appletObj = document.getElementsByName('jsap')[0];
var path = appletObj.test();

the test Method does just return a String return "C:/";

when i use the an alert(appletObj );

Firefox does show me object HtmlObjectElement

But the IE does only show object

i have tried this ways to get the applet without any success:

var appletObj = document.getElementsByID('jsap')[0]; 
var appletObj = document.getElementsByID('jsap'); 
var appletObj = document.jsap; 
var appletObj = document.applets[0];

for me it looks like the IE simply cannot work with the object tag or something like this? someone got a solution for this or an idea why the IE can not find the object/applet?

Thanks for reading so far

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<param name="code" value="Speichern_Applet.class"> </param> <param name="mayscript" value="yes"> 'To close or not to close. Only one answers the question.' Check which one with a validation service. –  Andrew Thompson Nov 22 '12 at 6:14
ojdbc6.jar That is ominous. The applet should likely be doing DB access via a web service. –  Andrew Thompson Nov 22 '12 at 6:16

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I Just found out the Problem which came up in here. I was using the style='visible:hidden' attribute. But a hidden DOM object, in this case the Object tag/ applet won´t be loaded by the IE. I just had to set the size to (0,0). Genius...

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