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I have an ASP.NET web forms application (not MVC) set up utilising routes which are defined in my Global.asax file like so;

routes.Add("Login", New Route("login", New CustomRouteHandler("~/authenticate.aspx")))
routes.Add("AdditionalInfo", New Route("additional-information", New CustomRouteHandler("~/secure/additionalInfo.aspx")))

At points throughout the application it is a requirement that the user be authenticated which would simply redirect them to the login screen.

The problem I have is how would I then redirect them back to the point where authentication was required? With bog standard url's i would do something like;


Is it even possible with routes in web forms?

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Retrieve the QueryString Parameter on Page_Load Event & save it in

ViewState["returnURL"] = Request.QueryString["returnURL"];

Then, in button click event do the redirection on successfull authentication:

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