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My database structure

I start with my database.

Pages table

id    content
2     My content
4     Another content
7     Example content
8     Test content
11    Some content

Parents table

id    page_id    parent_id
1     2          0
2     4          2
3     7          2
4     8          7
5     11         8

parents_table.page_id is connected to


  • Can I with SQL get page_id 11 and climb all the parents of that id until I get to parent_id 0?
  • The total number of parents are unknown.

Maybe a virtual table?

This is what I can think of, a virtual table. Just an idea, might not be the right approach.

id    parent_id_1    parent_id_2    parent_id_3    parent_id_4    parent_id_5
11    8              7              4              2              0
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How about some feedback? – fancyPants Nov 21 '12 at 13:46

There is no smart and elegant way to this with MySql In Oracle you have connect by which does this work Connect by

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It might not be elegant, but there is a smart way to solve the problem without using 'connect by' - the Adjacency List Model

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Why not use a stored procedure?

create table hier
(id int, page_id int, parent_id int);
insert into hier values
(1    , 2,          0),
(2   ,  4 ,         2),
(3  ,   7  ,        2),
(4 ,    8   ,       7),
(5,     11   ,      8);

drop procedure if exists getHier;
delimiter $$
create procedure getHier(start int)

select @parent_id:=parent_id from hier where page_id = start;

drop table if exists result;
create temporary table result
(id int primary key auto_increment,
page_id int);

insert into result (page_id) values (@parent_id);

while @parent_id != 0 DO 
insert into result (page_id)
select @parent_id:=parent_id from hier where page_id = @parent_id;

end while;

select page_id from result order by id;
end $$
delimiter ;

Then do

call getHier(11)



BTW, your desired output is wrong ;)

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