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I have the following document structure:

{ "product": "x",
  "category": [ {"name": "y1", "id": "z1"},
        {"name": "y2", "id": "z2"}]

How can I group by only the first value of the array, for example "category[0]"? I have tried both "category.0" and "category[0]" and the returned result is only a single group with all documents in it.


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If you are using MongoDB 2.2 you can use the $unwind operator, for example:

db.test.aggregate( {$project : {product:1, category:1}}, {$unwind: "$category"},{$group: {_id: "$", productsPerCategory: {$sum:1}}})

The aggregation framework is described here:

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Works great, thank you! by the way for pymongo users, you need to wrap all params in an array. – user971956 Nov 20 '12 at 17:43

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