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suppose I have added a TLF text named 'testTLF' to my app and it can contain 6 characters per each line and word-wrap is also enabled ... now I append this text to it:


the problem is that it doesn't fulfill each line with 6 characters but it shows something like this:


while what I want is this:

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Careful with wordWrap - it only works on TLF TextFields after you've set the text. any time you set the text again it will reset it to false! The whole TLF framework is a buggy mess, if you ask me. Most of the methods they copied over from TextField don't even work at all - they're just there to prevent error messages! –  weltraumpirat Nov 20 '12 at 22:18
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In the Properties panel, expand the "Advanced Character" section and change the value of Break to Any.

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