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Just wonder if it is possible to use multiple lines in UITextField in XCode. I know how to increase the height size. but have know idea about its lines :/

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Ok I did it with some trick ;) First made a UITextField and increased it's size like this :

CGRect frameRect = textField.frame;
        frameRect.size.height = 53;
        textField.frame = frameRect;

Then I made a UITextView exactly in the same area that i made my UITextField, and deleted its background color. Now it looks like that I have a multiple lines TextField !

Check this :


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You could use UITextView instead, which is a "mini-notepad" view.

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Unfortunately, UITextField is specifically one-line only. You will need to use a UITextView instead of UITextField for displaying and editing multiline text; it will be multiline by default.

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but the problem is that i have problem with how UITextView looks like ! thanks anyway :) –  Rudi Nov 20 '12 at 15:07
You can add UIImageView with needed image behind your UITextView. And set clearColor for text view. –  EugeneK Nov 20 '12 at 15:58

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