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I am going to create a new (bigger) webproject and my usal way to do it is like this (only it):

  • get some hosting (root server etc.)
  • get a php framework (symfony / zend (...)
  • setup everything ftp / svn / etc. deploy.

Now I took a look at phpcloud and some aws resources.

My question: Is it possible to host a complete project at aws? Is there an easy way to install a framework at an aws resource (ec2?) I tried to move my test projects from phpcloud to aws - but failed... is there a way?

Best, pein

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What do you mean by it failed? EC2 instances can be treated like any other server for the purposed of getting your files onto the machine (via ftp, svn, git, or whatever your method of choice is). The only thing you have to understand, and the things most beginning AWS users have problems with, is how the security policies work. If you can give me specific information on what problems you have encountered, you will get better advice. – Mike Brant Nov 20 '12 at 17:54
thanks for your answer. I try to be more specific: I would like to deploy from phpcloud to aws (somehow) - As far as I know I am going to get a ami from zend and install the ec2 server. - so far so good... what are the next steps then? ... Or is there a better way to get a framework (zend or symfony) up and running without that much maintenance. Best – pein Nov 21 '12 at 21:36

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