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Can anyone help me out with this:

CURSOR csr(start IN NUMBER, finish IN NUMBER, sort IN VARCHAR2, search IN VARCHAR2) IS
  SELECT id, text, code, name
    FROM (SELECT rownum r,
            FROM table1, table2
       WHERE table1.code = table2.code
             AND (id LIKE ||'%'||search||'%' 
              OR  name LIKE ||'%'||search||'%'
              OR  table1.code LIKE ||'%'||search||'%'
              OR  text   LIKE ||'%'||search||'%')
   WHERE   r > start
 AND     r <= finish
   ORDER BY sort;

This is giving me the *ORA-00936 Missing Expression error on the following line:

AND( id LIKE ||'%'||search||'%'*

I'm only testing the code but can't find what the problem is.

Any help appreciated.

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The concatenation operator "||" goes BETWEEN the operands. It's an error to put one before the first term. So "id LIKE ||'%'||search||'%'" should be "id LIKE '%'||search||'%'"

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Yep that was the problem. Thanks very much for the help. – user1375026 Nov 20 '12 at 15:28

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