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I have the following situation in my repository:

A----B----F----G----(long time)----H       <- default branch, H is what I'm working on
       C----D                              <- default branch, long time ago
              E                            <- non-default named branch

I'm working in the default branch, the current revision is H, the tip. Sadly in historic times, someone worked on D and then branched this into a named branch, in revision E. (This was actually an SVN import, but that doesn't matter).

Until now, that was not a problem, because D is not a topological head. But nowaday's I use buildbot to perform some testing and builtbot complains about multiple heads in the default branch. This is correct, because it uses hg heads to determine the default heads.

How can I get rid of D being a head of the default branch? I though about closing D via hg commit --close-branch. But doesn't that create an actual topological head?

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Short answer: No

Illustrated answer

>hg glog --template "{rev}-{branch}\n"

o  9-German
| @  8-default
| |
o |  7-default
| |
o |  6-default
| |
o |  5-default
| |
| o  4-default
| |
| o  3-default
| |
| o  2-default
| |
| o  1-default
o  0-default

>hg heads

changeset:   9:62eaf0f52632
branch:      German

changeset:   8:39b0fec94839

changeset:   7:d98a89a763cf

>hg up 7

>hg commit --close-branch -m "Close variation"

>hg heads

changeset:   9:62eaf0f52632
branch:      German

changeset:   8:39b0fec94839

New topological head will appear only in case of creating (non-closed) childs of 10


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