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I've two resources Team and Player. Player is a nested resource under Team in my routes.rb.

For Team, I have a show action with show.html.erb template. In that template, I have something like form_for [@team,], so basically I can create a new player from the team view.

Now what is the best way to code rendering/redirecting in the controller for Player#create on error? In a standard create action I would render the new action with errors:

    redirect_to @player, notice: 'Player was successfully created.'
    render action: 'new'

But now I'm now in a different controller (Player#create), while my form is in Team#show. If on error I redirect to @team, like on success, I will loose the error information stored in the instance variable. Is it better to try and render team/show.html.erb? This looks kind of messy. Or maybe add the create action for Player into the Team controller?

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I see 3 options for you:

  1. Use flash to handle the error messages. You won't have the instance variable available, but whatever you would have rendered can go in flash[:error] and used in Team#show.

  2. Use a remote request with a json response. You don't need to redirect at all, just return a json object containing a partial for the new player (on success), or an error message (on error). Handle the response in the remote callback to update the page accordingly.

  3. Move the player creation logic to the Team controller. I would do this only if none of the other options were viable.

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Option #1 is one that I would go with myself. – knownasilya Nov 20 '12 at 16:40
I thought about using redirect and flash, but I'd either have to only use a simple error message, or somehow shove all the @player.error.full_messages into flash. Since I'll do the remote request anyway (this question is actually only for the fallback functionality without JS), I think I'll go with the simple message in flash. – Matt Nov 20 '12 at 20:27
I went with 1 for standard form submit (fallback) and 2 for ajax. – Matt Nov 23 '12 at 15:08

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