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I want to call a native c++ method from java (android) code, and pass a java function as a parameter, so I will be able to save the function pointer in the c++ code, and activate it from the native code.

I chose to implement the function pointer in java using anonymous class, and I call the native function from java as following:

interface FunctionPtrHelper {
bool function(String param);


NativeFunc(param1,param2,new FunctionPtrHelper() {
public bool myFunction(String param) {
    //body of my function

How can I make swig/jni know the 3rd param (which is actually a class) and translate it to a function pointer in c++ (that will contain'myFunction') ?
In case it is not possible, is there another way to pass a function pointer from java to c++?

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I'm not sure JNI works that way. You're calling a native method with jobject as parameter. On that object you can call a method as usual, knowing its name and signature. – Violet Giraffe Nov 20 '12 at 15:35
It's also possible to create easily callbacks with JavaCPP. Let me know if you want need more details! – Samuel Audet Dec 1 '12 at 5:13

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You can write a C++ interface and SWIG it as a "director" class. Then you can implement the interface in Java. Instantiate the implementation object in Java and pass it into a C++ method that takes a pointer or reference to the interface, and C++ will be able to call back into your Java class. For example:

// SWIGed C++
class IStringToBool
    virtual bool call(std::string s) = 0;

class IStringToBoolUser
    void setFunction(IStringToBool &function);

And then:

// Java
public class MyFunction implements IStringToBool {
    public bool call(String s) {
        // do something
        return true;

Documentation: Cross language polymorphism using directors

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With JNI you could pass a object to C++, then you could take function pointer from the C++ Object.

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Could you give an example? – durron597 Nov 20 '12 at 16:00
The problem with this is that JNI function pointer (e.g. CallMethodVoid etc.) almost certainly doesn't match the function pointer you're looking for in C++. You need to pass in at least JNIEnv, the jobject and jmethodID. – Flexo Nov 20 '12 at 16:36

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