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Let's say I have two simple models

   t.string :title

   t.references :project
   t.integer :value

When I do loop throuh all projects, I also want to include sum of all votes, because doing

projects = Project.all

foreach project in projects
    sum = project.votes.sum(:value)

isn't really effective.

Is there any way how to do this without manualy writing the SQL? Something like

SELECT p.*, SUM(v.value)
FROM projects p
LEFT JOIN votes v
ON v.project_id =
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If this gets computed frequently, you're probably better off keeping a summary statistic in the project record (total_votes). You can either update on each vote, or update via a cron job.

I think you're looking for the following though:

@totals = Vote.sum(:value,:group=>:project_id)
@projects = Project.find(:all)


<%=h @project.title %> has <%= @totals[] %> votes.

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actually, I was looking for something like in the query, see edit – Jakub Arnold Aug 28 '09 at 18:50
My suggestion will return an OrderedHash of project_id=>sum, you can couple that with a Project.find(:all) and assemble the data pretty easily. I don't think rails has support for returning something that complex without using raw SQL – klochner Aug 28 '09 at 19:45

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