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I want to ensure that certain files in a Python package do not get installed when the user types:

python install

Specifically, under certain conditions, there can be __pycache__ directories that end up in the build directory, and if the user then runs install, the __pycache__ directories get installed too, and this causes issues down the line. The solution is probably to create a custom install command with:

class CustomInstall(DistutilsInstall):
    # code here

but after browsing around in the distutils code, I can't figure out how to edit the list of files that gets installed. Does anyone have any suggestions? I could make CustomInstall delete all the files I don't want, but I would like to avoid this.

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Having to write a custom command sounds like a lot of work for this. Alternate ideas:

  • Use different build directories for Python 3.2 (which creates __pycache__) and 2.7 (which packages them, unless I misread your post);

  • Use clean build to remove artifacts from previous builds;

  • (wild try) Use exclude patterns.

If these don’t work, can you say more about the sequence of commands that cause __pycache__ directories to be created and then installed?

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