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I have an ADO.NET Data Service that exposes an Entity Framework data model (.edmx).

I need to allow / reject reads/writes to certain entities for certain users. I use Windows Authentication. All I could find is overriding the OnStartProcessingRequest :

protected override void OnStartProcessingRequest(ProcessRequestArgs args)

    bool isBatch = args.IsBatchOperation;
    System.Uri requestUri = args.RequestUri;

    // parse uri and determine the entity and the operation
    // (i.e.: select/update/delete/insert) will be determined by the HTTP verb

However I think this sucks and I am hoping for a better solution... Any ideas? :(

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You can set the entity rights on service initialization for each user like

config.SetEntitySetAccessRule("Orders", UserRights.GetRights(identity, "Orders"));

config.SetEntitySetAccessRule("Products", UserRights.GetRights(identity, "Products"));

The main disadvantages of applying resource visibility in this way are that the visibility is at entity level and not at row level.

You can overcome that with a combination of service operations and change interceptors.

public void OnProductsChange(Products product, UpdateOperations operations)
      if(!UserRights.HasAccessRights(identity, "Products", operations))
             throw new DateServicesException(404, "Access denied!");
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the first example should be used if you dont want ppl to have specific access to the entire table/resource the second example could be used in scenarios like a user cant create products that exceed a specific price margin that is dependant on some server side calculation. –  dmportella Sep 22 '09 at 15:52
Great answer! +1 –  Andrei Rînea Sep 23 '09 at 15:04

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