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I have a view in my MVC project which is associated to a controller (SubmissionController) and class (Submission).

In the view, I am displaying some values from the class using:

@Html.DisplayFor(Function(model) model.Created)

This works perfectly, but what I want to achieve now, is to be able to get the display name of a Collection nested within the model I reference above.

To make that clearer; I am viewing a single Submission of many Submissions in the view (using the Details function of the SubmissionController). Each submission has many Photos, and it is these photos I want to display in the Submission details view along with the submission details themselves.

To display the photos, I have the following piece of code creating a table of photos...

            @For Each item In Model.Photos
                Dim currentItem = item
                        @Html.DisplayFor(Function(modelItem) currentItem.Photo_ID)
                        @Html.DisplayFor(Function(modelItem) currentItem.Photo_Status1.Value)
                        @Html.DisplayFor(Function(modelItem) currentItem.Photo_Size)
                        @Html.DisplayFor(Function(modelItem) currentItem.Photo_Taken)

Whilst untested, I believe the above code should work just fine.

With this in mind, How on earth do I get the DisplayNameFor values for Photo fields/properties?

This apparently, does not work!

@Html.DisplayNameFor(Function(model) model.Photos.Photo_Size)

By the way, I don't want to write in the header names manually, they must come from the model.


DigitalD's answer was almost there, here is the solution.

@Dim photoModel = New Photo()
@Html.DisplayNameFor(Function(photoModelx) photoModel.Photo_ID)
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@Html.DisplayNameFor(Function(model) model.Photos.Photo_Size) won't work because model.Photos is likely an IEnumerable and doesn't have a Photo_Size property. You might get away with passing in an empty model item like so:

@Dim displayModel = new Photo()
@Html.DisplayNameFor(Function(displayModel) displayModel.Photo_Size)


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As it happens this was almost exactly what I needed to do! I had to change the variable name in the Function to something arbitrary or it would just use the Views model by default. – JohnHenry Nov 21 '12 at 8:07

If I am understanding correctly, you are trying to get the name of the field you are showing ("Photo Taken", "Photo Size", etc)? If this is the case, I would suggest using DataAnnotations and LabelFor(item=>item.Field). This will give you what you are looking for I believe.

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