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I have implemented a DfsRepository using jgit- It works great but I want to repack it so that I only have one packfile. How do I do that via jgit?

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Got this working. DfsGarbageCollector basically does the equivalent of repack -d. To get the repack -a behavior, use DfsPackCompactor:

void repack(DfsRepository repo) throws IOException {
    DfsGarbageCollector gc = new DfsGarbageCollector(repo);

    // update the list of packs for getPacks() below
    // otherwise not all packs are compacted

    // only compact if there are multiple pack files
    DfsPackFile[] packs = repo.getObjectDatabase().getPacks();

    if (packs.length > 1) {
        DfsPackCompactor compactor = new DfsPackCompactor(repo);

        for (DfsPackFile pack : packs) {


That's not quite all though.

DfsGarbageCollector creates a separate packfile for the garbage.

The easiest way I found to "delete" the garbage packfile was to return a DfsOutputStream from my DfsObjDatabase.writePackFile() implementation that simply threw away the data if the pack file's source was PackSource.UNREACHABLE_GARBAGE.

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