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i have an add_form under my django app. i want to add a feature this form which is saving form automatically after user starts to type.

like in gmail , or blogger.

what are the steps i should follow? which way or plugin? and how to use them?

any knowlenge can help me.thank you.

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There's two useful jquery plugins to get you started

https://github.com/BenGriffiths/jquery-save-as-you-type which saves what you type locally to a cookie client-side. Using this plugin is simpler and you will only need to actually save into your django backend when the user hits your form's "save" button.


https://github.com/nervetattoo/jquery-autosave which requires that you set up an intermediary model (perhaps a Draft model) in django to keep track of updates along the way. And when the user finally hits save, a final copy of the data is then saved into the actual model.

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thank you. i am gonna try them –  alix Nov 20 '12 at 16:00

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