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in the older version of the motorola ble APIs, notifications/indications would be received through an implementation of an IBluetoothGattCallback.Stub....

in the more recent version of the APIs -- which introduced the new IBluetoothGattProfile.Stub class -- i'm not all that sure how to receive notifications/indications.... i've implemented an IBluetoothGattProfile.Stub, and do receive calls on the other methods as expected.... i assume the onValueChanged() method is where i would receive a callback when the underlying stack has received a notification/indication ???

using the setCharacteristicClientConf() method, i have enabled receipt of notifications/indications on the client side; and the appropriate BLE packet has made it over to the server side.... in general, the air-trace looks normal -- no different than what i see when connecting (say) with an iphone....

looking at log messages from the underlying bluetooth service, i see no activity there -- when in fact incoming notifications/indications are being transmitted over the air....

any insight on how to enable receipt of notifications/indications with the latest moto ble API would be greatly appreciated....

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just figured out you have to call registerWatcher() on your BluetoothGattService object.... the method onValueChanged() is now being called correctly.... –  user1817180 Nov 20 '12 at 17:25
did you get this working with the Proximity Profile by any chance? having major headaches trying to adapt it. –  honeal Dec 12 '12 at 23:16
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