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I'm trying to get Ember & Handlebars to work with Django 1.4.2 without much success. I'm using Django-ember (latest version from here):, Handlebars.js (1.0.rc.1) & Ember.js (1.0.0-pre.2).

Following the Django-ember instructions, I've added 'ember' to the installed apps in settings, placed {% load ember %} at the top of my template, and then placed this in a block:

{% handlebars "application" %}
{% endhandlebars %}

where I've declared App with name variable in a js file.

The output is just blank however, no script tag is inserted as viewed in the browser console window (Chrome).

If I completely remove the javascript includes, the script tag is rendered - just with "{{}}" left entact as expected. So it looks like, Ember/Handlebars isn't rendering the template correctly. Any ideas why?

A probably related quirk is that if I try

{% tplhandlebars "tpl-infos" %}
    {{total}} {% trans "result(s)." %}
    <p>{% trans "Min" %}: {{min}}</p>
    <p>{% trans "Max" %}: {{max}}</p>
{% endtplhandlebars %}

it throws a template error about {% trans being an invalid tag. This can be fixed by including {% load i18n %} but seeing as this isn't in the Django-Ember instructions, I'm inclined to think this is a sign of a bigger problem; perhaps it's not designed to work with Django 1.4.2.

Update Seems it was actually rendering after all but that it's wrapping it in a div and putting it right at the bottom of the page where I hadn't noticed it. So, now the next question is how do I get this back at it's orignal point in the html?

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in this question:… I see the guy using {% load ember %}, perhaps your are missing it ? – sly7_7 Nov 20 '12 at 16:05
@sly7_7 {% load ember %} is already there, just above the {%handlebars – user1814277 Nov 20 '12 at 16:11
As in my update, turns out it was rendering correctly. After rereading the Ember docs, seems I misunderstood how to use the templates - you describe them and then can append them to where you want them to display, rather than relying on them to display inline. – user1814277 Nov 20 '12 at 19:03

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