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Here is the problem I'm working on

I have a bunch of files in different directories which are all in one root dir. I have scan all these folders and pick up the files in them avoiding some specific sub-dirs. These folder that I have to avoid will come from a config file. For the purpose I prepared this find command (with some help)

find ${ROOT}/au* -type f -not \( -path '*auction123/incoming*' -o -path '*autobase/incoming*'* \)

Here ROOT will also come from the config file. can I also provide a place holder for this

-path '*auction123/incoming*' -o -path '*autobase/incoming*'*

so that I can add any number of folders that has to be ignored in the find. I read at some places that find with grep is a better option.

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You can do:

find ${ROOT}/au* -type f | grep -v -f files_containing_list_of_ignore_directories

Where files_containing_list_of_ignore_directories places each directory you wish to ignore on a separate line (without the wildcards *).

(This is what files_containing_list_of_ignore_directories should look like:)



  • find ${ROOT}/au* -type f: recursively find all files under any directories that match au* in ${ROOT}
  • | is the pipe operator in shell: it means "take whatever is output to stdout from the previous command (in this case, find) and feed that output to stdin of the next command (in this case, grep)
  • grep: invoke grep, a tool used for searching
  • -v: Use the --invert-match option for grep. Basically it means to "filter out" anything that is matched.
  • -f files_containing_list_of_ignore_directories: Supply a file that holds the list of patterns you want grep to match (and filter out in this case).
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Do you mean something like this find ${ROOT}/au* -type f | grep -v -f auction123/incoming , find ${ROOT}/au* -type f | grep -v -f autobase/incoming. etc...Can't we have all the ignore folders listed in a single find stmt? – Ravi Nov 20 '12 at 16:28
@Ravi No, I meant to put the list of all the directories you wish to ignore in a plain text file called files_containing_list_of_ignore_directories, one per line. – sampson-chen Nov 20 '12 at 16:31

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