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I'm working on hand detection using EmguCv. I have successfully detected the skin color object in live video feed. With in that skin detected object I want to track the moving hand only. Please someone tell me how to achieve this without degrading the performance. A code or step by step procedure will be helpful.

Is there any best reference ebook on EmguCv for learning or any other material with code snipets?

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you actually need to perform a number of steps to do it.

1) you need to find the hand , the best way to figure that out will be to use HarrCascades, you can find more about it here: http://www.360doc.com/content/11/1220/16/5087210_173660914.shtml

2)Then you need to use absolute subtraction between the current frame and the previous frame to find out the moving part in the video. for absolute subtraction you can check this link out.

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After detecting the hand you can use Mean Shift Tracking Algorithm to track the hand.There is a good implementation in Accord.NET and an example that you can use for learning how to use it. About Viola-Jones algorithm m there is a HandCascade.xml file from a guy Nikolas Markou , but when I tried it , the performance wasn't good at all and there are similare complaints from other people using that Haar Cascade.

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