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I have a Cassandra DB table similar to this:

key | name | client
1     A      C1
2     B      C2
3     C      C1

I access my Cassandra db with Python (Pycassa).

Is there a way to query the database in order to get the clients with the most number of occurrences? For instance, in this case it is C1 with 2.

I am not sure if it is possible to directly query Cassandra with Pycassa. If it is possible, how could I achieve that, or should I use other tools?


PS: I need to use nosql so please do not suggest me to use relational db.

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You would need to separately keep track of the number of occurrences of each client. If perfect accuracy isn't required, you can use Cassandra's built-in distributed counters. Otherwise, you'll need to use a more accurate scheme (counting columns, periodic recounts, or both) or store a counter in a relational database.

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