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commenting VB code

Does anybody know how to do a block comment in Visual Basic?

Note: I did a few searches on here and neither those results nor the results for 'Questions that may already have your answer' appeared to ask this question

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There is no block comment in VB.NET.

You need to use a ' in front of every line you want to comment out.

In Visual Studio you can use the keyboard shortcuts that will comment/uncomment the selected lines for you:

Ctrl + K + C to comment

Ctrl + K + U to uncomment

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There's not a way as of 11/2012, HOWEVER

Highlight Text (In visual

ctrl + k + c, ctrl + k + u

Will comment / uncomment, respectively

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In Visual Studio .NET you can do Ctrl + K, Crtl + C to comment a block.

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Not in VB.NET, you have to select all lines at then Edit, Advanced, Comment Selection menu, or a keyboard shortcut for that menu.

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