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My Django app will be handling post data from a 3rd party payment processor. I would like to use a Django form to sanitize and deal with this data, but the POST variables have names that are not valid names for Django form fields. How can I re-map these to my form?

So, I have a form:

class PayResponseForm(forms.Form):
    status = forms.Charfield()
    message = forms.CharField()
    avs_code = forms.CharField(max_length=1)

And the post I get from the 3rd part site looks like:


How do I map these post variable to my form fields? Will it cause problems if, in my view, I just do something like request.POST['status'] = request.POST['FinalStatus']?

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You can create your own dict for form init:

if request.method == 'POST':
    if need_to_convert_post(request):
        post = {
            'field1': None,
            'field2': None,
            'field3': None,
        post['field1'] = request.POST.get('SomeOtherField1', None)
        post = request.POST
    form = Form1(post)
    form = Form1()

and detect when you need to change post:

def need_to_convert_post(request):
    if 'uniqueCheckField' in request.POST:
        return True
    return False
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Thanks for the well thought out example. Moral of the story: feed that form a dict. –  Peter G Nov 22 '12 at 2:23

For tidyness, you could use request.POST['status'] = request.POST.pop('FinalStatus'), otherwise it's perfectly fine to use your approach.

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