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When I connect to 80 port, plain text web site using TIdTCPClient component, all works fine, data is received without a problem, but, when I connect to 443 port, SSL web site, data not always came.

Maybe something with my receive data block ? Need advice.

  while not Terminated do
    SetLength(data, 0);
    ws.IOHandler.ReadBytes(data, -1);
    if Length(data) = 0 then

    // processing_my(data);


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Opening the connection to an other port to have it secure is not enough. To connect to anything SSL, you'll need an IOHandler that supports it, such as TIdSSLIOHandlerSocketOpenSSL

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yes I know thanks. But the problem was in other, my ReadTimeout was 5 sec, now I set it to 30 sec, and all works fine. –  waza123 Nov 20 '12 at 17:25
@waza And if this is not the solution, why you marked it as accepted? StackOverflow is supposed to work on a technical basis and you shouldn't accept answers based on sympathy. –  jachguate Nov 20 '12 at 17:36

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