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I use the elaphe package to generate a code128 barcode. However, the generated barcode is empty. At first I thought the problem was with ghostscript (used by the PIL library to read EPS files), but other barcode types work fine.

The code that I wrote is:

barcode('code128', 'barcodetest').save('/home/vj/barcodetest.jpg')

But it gives me IOError: gs failed (status 256) error.

What is the problem?

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More information on this exact problem: – Martijn Pieters Nov 20 '12 at 17:12
This is the tail of an error message, unfortunately you haven't quoted the actual error. Possibly the PostScript is broken, possibly its a Ghostscript bug. Its impossible to tell without seeing an example. I would also ask what version of GHostscript is being used ? If you are using an up to date version of Ghostscript (current is 9.06) you could open a bug report at where one of us can look at the problem. Don't forget to attach an example file which fails and give the Ghostscript command line. – KenS Nov 21 '12 at 8:29
Ah, I now see there is an example file attached to the thread. – KenS Nov 21 '12 at 8:31

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The supplied PostScript file in the thread is badly broken. I'm not certain if this is the actual original problem. Looking inside the PostScript file I see a number of technical problems, including the use of routines which are never defined (in fact many of these look like incorrect line breaks). However the most obvious problem is:

/rationalizedCodabar {

Clearly the repeated 'GS>' inserts should not be present, and the line should read:

    /textsize 10 def

I'm inclined to think the other problems I see are symptoms of the same fault. If this is the actual PostScript file being sent to Ghostscript, I'm not at all surprised it doesn't work.

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