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If we generate b=randn(10,1), the matrix A=b*b' must be a positive semi-definite matrix and therefore all its eigenvalues must be >=0.

When I use eig(A) function, it returns doubles like -3.6934e-16 and ... (negative doubles).

Is there any way to increase the precision? Is it safe to round them to absolute zero?


Edit: I removed an irrelevant part.

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Dennis answered your question. But in terms of the error from iwishrnd, even if you somehow perturbed your matrix A so that non of the eigenvalue were tiny negative values, would you really get reasonable results? I know nothing about iwishrnd, but the documentation says that it requires a positive definite matric. Your A matrices are not positive definite. So why would you expect it to work at all? – Dan Becker Nov 20 '12 at 19:17
you are right and thanks a lot. this means absolute zeros will not solve the problem :( I should think of sth else. – Ramin Nov 21 '12 at 4:35

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This is just a rounding issue, when you have a vector of which some elements are 16 orders of magnitude smaller than others it is quite safe to just round them to zero in matlab.

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