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I got a Shoppping List table with columns such as:

shopID, Product, DateTimeShopped, PaiedOrNot, ListStatus

My requirement is comparing the current datetime with DateTimeShopped, if the shopping list is still not paid after 5 days, then automatically label the ListStatus to be Blocked.

How can I handle the time issue in within a trigger in SQL Server?


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you can schedule a SQL Server Agent job daily and run your sp. – fabricio Nov 20 '12 at 17:22
In theory you could use EXEC sp_add_schedule to set up a single run agent job to run at a specified date, although personally I would look for another way to do this. – bendataclear Nov 20 '12 at 17:31

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Create a SP ShoppingListSP

declare @current datetime    
set @current = (select GETDATE() )

if ( datediff(@DateTimeShopped,@current ) > 5)
    update [Shopping List] set ListStatus = 'Blocked' where id=123123

then create a SQL job which runs this SP every hour or so in the background.

exec ShoppingListSP

you might need use Cursors as well to work on a set of data, row by row.

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Short answer. You can't.

Long answer. It is possible to run more than a simple statement from a trigger, however, this would not be the best place for it.

Another Option. I would insert the data into another table and run a stored proc from Sql Agent to action it accordingly.

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