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I want to crop an image in J2ME, but I can't seem to find anything online on how to do it. I see some implementations in Java, but they use libraries not available in J2ME.

How it's done in J2ME?

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Create a mutable Image with the exact crop size.
Get the Graphics from the mutable Image.
Draw the original Image in a position that the crop area fits exactly at the mutable Image.

For example, if I want to crop the center of an Image:

Image original = Image.createImage(stream); // 320 x 240
Image crop = Image.createImage(160, 120);
Graphics cropGraphics = crop.getGraphics();
int x = crop.getWidth() / 2;
int y = crop.getHeight() / 2;
int anchor = Graphics.HCENTER | Graphics.VCENTER;

cropGraphics.drawImage(original, x, y, anchor);
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Thanks. Works great. So it's pretty much drawing an image onto another one. – Tony Nov 21 '12 at 19:19

Not sure about J2ME but you can always look for JQuery image crop plugins. one such tool is Jcrop.

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