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I'm trying to convert a listbox to an array:

var modarray = listBox1.Items.Cast<String>().ToArray();

but then I also need to use an int array so I tried the following:

int[] arr = modarray.Cast<int>().ToArray();

I get an error that suggests that is not possible to convert the array. Can anybody help me please?

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Try this:

int[] arr = modarray.Select(int.Parse).ToArray();

This will use the int.Parse() method for each of the strings in the original array to create a new integer array.

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Try this instead :

int[] arr = modarray.Select(I => Convert.ToInt32(I)).ToArray();
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.Cast<int>() is like foreach (var i in list) yield return (int)i;

Which if your items are strings underneath will fail.

I believe you need: int[] arr = modarray.Select(s => Int32.Parse(s)).ToArray();

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