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I want to make the output of an AJAX call accessible in a callback function in my plugin. The plugin is for an contact form so it send the data with AJAX, but i need to see the ouput in a log/alert. I already have an callback function called 'after'.

// the part that I am using now

   success: function(data){
      if(typeof options.after == 'function'){

// the options and how I want to use it

$.fn.dform.options = {
   option1: 'lorem',
   option2: 'lorem',
   option3: 'lorem',
   after: function(e){
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You can simply send it (data) as a parameter when you invoke after():

if(typeof options.after == 'function'){
     options.after.call(this, data);

Edit Here's MDN's documentation of call.

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Ah that simple....thanks!! –  user759235 Nov 20 '12 at 19:24

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