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I am currently looking for a feasible approach to store form data globally in my Ember Application. The state of the form must get reflected in the URL. I have not yet seen an Ember example managing this kind of state, since routes always revolved around certain entities/models that get displayed by an Application.

Soo.. what is my Usecase?

When the user enters my app, he may modify some settings of my app in a form (e.g. location and time). I would like to have this information as part of the application state. Why? The state of the settings could be shared by the user with others users easily, as he could share the current URL of the application.

This is my current idea for an implementation:

  • I could store the current settings in a global location, e.g. in my router.
  • This enables me to access the stored settings in the methods serialize and deserialize of my main route (and potential other routes).

What's your opinion on my current idea for a solution approach? Is there maybe a appropriate Ember feature i have missed?

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Do you also need the functionality of the router (i.e. updating URL as the users moves through different UI states of the app)? If not, you could use a plain Ember.StateManager instead of the router, and manipulate the URL by via hash or pushState yourself. – Luke Melia Nov 23 '12 at 5:02
Yes the URL should be updated automatically when moving through the app. I am currently trying this approach. I am storing the state of the form in my router. When a part of the form updates, i am updating this central reference and pass it as context to my routes. This is working quite well so far. – mavilein Nov 23 '12 at 15:24

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