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I'm using Jinja as a standalone library in a script so that I can write multiple versions of a website, one using base_a.html and the other using base_b.html, base_c.html and so on.

The extends keyword used in the files however requires the base template name to be specified in each of the child remplates.

Is there a way to specify the base template name in Python, something like


for example?

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Ok so here is a way to do this,

Use the following as your extends tag in the child templates,

 {% extends base_template %}

Then use the following,

from jinja2 import Environment, Template, FileSystemLoader
env = Environment(loader = FileSystemLoader(["../templatedir"])
t = env.get_template("child.html")
print t.render(base_template="parent_template.html")
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Yup! That's exactly what I do, except I wrap the {% extends template %} inside {% if template %} and {% endif %}, as it'll die without a valid argument to extends. –  Aaron Meier Nov 21 '12 at 5:16

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