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There is a build / version number automatically increasing with Publish for ClickOnce applications. This version number is different from the assembly version in the project properties (which in turn is automatically displayed in a generated WPF about box).

Is there a way to sync the ClickOnce version number and the project number in the assembly properties? Goal is to get an automatically increasing and identical version number for both places.

Version number for ClickOnce / Publish

Project properties

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There is no automatic (built-in) way to do this. A possible workaround, which I use in my projects is to generate publish and assembly version information using a custom msbuild task.

Some projects available as nuget packages aim to solve these issues, but there's nothing very complete out there. Take a look at SemVerHarvester and CroMagVersion ...

Both the above have many issues:

  1. SemVerHarvester is tied into git/hg and sources version information from a git tag
  2. It does not actually write a AssemblyInfo.cs file by itself, but relies on the Msbuild Community Tasks
  3. The AssemblyInfo.cs file is always 'touched' which means each rebuild is a full rebuild rather than an incremental rebuild. CroMagVersion gets around this partially - it defines a #define in release builds and will regenerate an AssemblyInfo.cs only if this define is present...
  4. Neither project directly sets the ApplicationVersion/ApplicationRevision properties used by the ClickOnce system for publishing

I've got workarounds for all of the above, which I intend to open-source on github soon...in the meantime I'll descibe what I've done:

I made a custom msbuild task, that reads version information from git, then creates an in-memory AssemblyInfo file based on this information. I check the existing AssemblyInfo.cs file (i.e. a file which has AssemblyVersion and other attributes) and overwrite it if and only if the in-memory version is newer. This allows for incremental rebuilds. Lastly I also output ApplicationVersion, ApplicationRevision and other properties to support ClickOnce.

If I were to opensource my workarounds as a stand-alone solution, I'd probably allow for version information to be sourced from a text file, git, hg etc

Issues I still have not found good solutions to:

ClickOnce does not directly support multiple release channels - like debug/beta/custom_feature/whatever which makes me wonder whether I should ditch clickonce and use Shimmer instead.

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