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I get this error when I call iwishrnd() function:
??? Error using ==> iwishrnd at 41
Covariance matrix must be symmetric and positive definite.

as I explained in my previous question:
Why does eig(A) function (in which A is a positive semidefinite function) returns negative doubles?

I like to know, why matlab calls this parameter a Covariance matrix ?

I know that, this matrix is used as the conjugate prior for the covariance matrix of a multivariate normal distribution, but it is proportional to mean of that covariance matrix (as you can see in So, isn't it better to call this the mean of the distribution, instead of the covariance matrix?

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This is a nomenclature issue; it's relatively common to call the A parameter in the Wishart distribution a 'covariance matrix', since it (1) has to have all the properties of a covariance matrix, (2) the output of the Wishart distribution is almost always used as a covariance matrix (e.g., the Wishart is the conjugate prior for a Gaussian, see link below) and (3) A represents the mean of the expected covariance matrix output from the Wishart distribution.

A does not represent the covariance of the Wishart distribution, if that's what you're wondering.

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