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I'm looking for some documentation on d3js and mobile events? I'm basically trying to avoid double tap zoom and then trigger a separate function. Currently I'm using this jquery plugin to remove double tap/zoom on mobile
link to the code
But I can't find anywhere a binding of double tap in d3js. There is a double click event that will fire on double tap but given the current jquery plugin to override zoom my double click event does not fire.
Any help is much appreciated


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Ok so the answer is you can add a touch start event. So something like this

var t2 = e.timeStamp,
t1 = $(this).data('lastTouch') || t2,
dt = t2 - t1,
fingers = e.originalEvent.touches.length;
$(this).data('lastTouch', t2);
if (!dt || dt > 500 || fingers > 1) return; // not double-tap

    e.preventDefault(); // double tap - prevent the zoom


Please note that this code is provided originaly by this gist and was modified by Wouter Konecny
I just added it as a touchstart event. Works like a charm by the way

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